Uniting arts and artists to teach, share and inspire.  

The inspiration behind the full circle project has been Baris’ personal journey in physical movement practice. 

“Having always had a strong sense within that everything is connected and all while the world around me was busy always trying to expose their differences. I was always finding similarities between things, people, arts, cultures, languages. I could never understand why everything was looked at separately and not as a whole.”

At a young age Baris began to get involved in the art of MCing. It is here where he sensed the power of word, spoken and unspoken, meaning to prayer and how thoughts manifest, but found that the culture surrounding hip-hop which he encountered had already been ‘sold’ and compartmentalised. Graffiti artists, b-boys and DJing were branching away from each other. 

“As much as I loved the art and its essence which had become apart of me, inside myself I felt that something was missing, that is was not a whole.”

This fact really hit home after loosing a dear friend who was a massive part of his music journey (Jonathan Mclean Opie 24.3.81-22.8.06 always remembered). So just like those mystics, seekers and Alice which came before him, he went on to wonder in search, not knowing how far it would take him down the rabbit hole.

“It was then when I encountered Capoeira that I felt this ‘whole’, its movement, music, poetry, community, ritual, its magic, I was truly moved inside out. I felt as if I had never left hip-hop only went further into its roots. The drums were still there, the message, the community, its hidden language in body and slang, the constant confrontation of self and other, the cypher, the wheel, the ever turning and infinite circle, the sacred space where creation takes place.”

To Baris these themes were all ever present just represented in different forms to those who wished to see. All these similarities and parallels presented themselves everywhere as with many other arts and traditions raised in, by, or related to the african diaspora. In his time working with Capoeira, Baris has had the opportunity not only to meet and work alongside many amazing artists but have had the privilege to talk to them about their arts, their purpose and reasoning behind their movements and training. 

“This really inspired me, it gave me unique insight not only to further study of my own movement but also helped me in one way or another to ‘look’ differently in order to ‘see’.”

It was then in late 2014 early 2015 he started to write a short book about his thoughts, feelings and experiences on his journey. These writings started to manifest themselves in poetry form which inspired Baris to look at word semantics, their effect on movement, the interchanging state between verbal/body language and intrinsic play which resulted in the creation of Poetry in Motion

“This was the point I found that I had come a full circle, only this time not only had my expression transformed, but I realised a purpose."  

Capoeira is an art of many elements a microcosm of life. It is a whole in that it is unwritten, constantly unfolding, always evolving, in a realm of infinite possibility. So like the “roda" (a circle shape in which Capoeira is played) I wanted to create a space where ideas, experience, movement, skills, knowledge, could be studied, shared and exchanged.   

Art, science, spirituality are all but one, all telling the same story with a different voice, it’s all one. 

Welcome to the full circle project, where as movement and culture enthusiasts we can learn from inspirational artists from various disciplines.