"Movement and sound have been used to tell stories, send messages and help us transcend since human existence. Poetry in motion is poetry manifesting in physical form, that is what the  project is about."- Baris


First there was music, then there was me. Now there is me and I love music. The way it makes me feel, surely must mean it loves me too. So many have loved music, it must have been widowed a million times. But it music were to die, all the life would leave the ones it left. We love you music... - Jonathan Mclean Opie

6th piece in the #poetryinmotionuk series. This piece is a tribute in loving memory of a dear friend, fellow artist and true Kraftsmen Johnathan Mclean Opie. Your life was taken prematurely, but your legacy will stay with us forever. 24.3.81 - 22.8.06. 


The piece Dance is Living as the title suggest is about dance and life or more profoundly the dance of life.

The questions that I constantly found myself meditating over for years before and leading up to writing this piece as a part of my research werewhat is dance? where does dance come from? did we create dance or a dance create us? and why does it exist?




The seeker was born out of inner and outer bodily experiences and states I have had inside and outside the Capoeira Roda (wheel the circle where capoeira is played). 

Timelessness, limbo, the incomparable intimacy with other, a feeling of finding self in another (as you look in-too-me-i-see and as I look into me I see you), a incredible sense of empathy felt, and subject object relation that I have been fascinated and philosophised for many years as a practitioner. The best way I could explain the unexplainable I felt was through poetry. 

The understanding is in the words but the overstanding is found in their essence. 


3rd piece in the Poetry in motion series. Tides Explores the intimate relationship between mind, nature, time and rhythm.

We are all but tides tied together. Just tides. You and I. Lost in time.



The 4th piece in the poetry in motion series. Knots explores love and the relationship between the art and the artist .

This special piece is dedicated to 15 years of capoeira in London with my teacher Mestre Pocianinho.  

To the many amazing mestres, teachers, students, friends past and new, (too many to name) who I have met on the journey and to my beloved Markéta Krivdova this is dedicated to you.

Thank you all for your support, Inspiration, and compassion always.


7th piece in the #poetryinmotionuk series. As the title suggests this piece is about 'Capoeiras' - Those Capoeira practitioners who have lived, come and gone and those who continue to live through this art form. Past Present and Future.