Capoeira is a holistic art unifying dance, music and philosophy in a fun yet challenging game. It is a discipline for both the body and mind which can improve your fitness and flexibility. All levels are welcome to this class, and please wear clothing you can move your entire body in with ease and some light shoes to practice in.

Weekly Schedule

//MONDAY// £10 Drop in 

19.00(60min)- @FreshGroundLondon Church of the Nazarene

//TUESDAY// £10 Drop in

19.00(60min)-@FreshGroundlondon Church of the Nazarene




Baris does many workshops in the UK and Europe, stay tuned for the details of the next ones coming up. 


i.Flo Movement


'Developing mobility - strength and flexibility in harmony'

Iflo movement is a progressive bodyweight conditioning method which can hugely aid and supplement your practice or be used as a stand alone training system. 

These sessions are a great way to learn/fine tune core bodyweight skills (press ups •sit ups•planks•handstands•bridges•) in detail and/or for those that need to boost motivation, improve their life style or simply just to keep fit, lean and healthy. 


•Body awareness 






Join me and 'transform the ordinary into the extraordinary' - Baris Yazar 

Weekly Schedule 


7.45am(45min) -@Stretch_London


19.00(60min)-@FreshandGroundlondon Church of the Nazarene


18.15(60min)-@Kulawellbeing (Cancelled for August)


10am(60min)- @kulawellbeing



7.45am- @stretch_London


11.15am(60min) @kulawellbeing




Capoeira for kids

Capoeira for kids Dance. Movement. Music. Culture Developing confidence, co-ordination, focus, fitness and discipline through play, story telling and exercise, all while learning cool moves and having fun!
— Baris Yazar