// The 'Christopher colum-A-buse' method //

Africa, Kemet (Egypt) showed you Ma’at how to be, create and live in devine harmony, principles of universal law, to know thy self. 

But you said ‘I think therefore I am’ and that there is pagan sun worship, so instead you rolled with the 10 commandments over universal law.

Africa then said to you Ubuntu! "humanity". "I am because we are", "humanity towards others" "we are one". 

Then you came with the socialism’s, communism’s and later 'new age' philosophies. 

Hinduism and Buddhism showed you about meditation, karma, reincarnation, non harming of sentient beings that everything is interdependent ect. 

But you said, don’t need no more weird religions, I got that already- so instead

You come with your mindfulness, vegetarianism and veganism. 

The Chinese and Indian showed you their traditional medicines, but you didn’t believe in the chi/ki/prana life force, meridians, chakras, nadis all that spiritual jargon so instead you come with holistic, naturopathic medicine, trigger points and dry needling. 

The Native Americans told you ‘when all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.’

The shamans showed you how important it is to live in and amongst nature and that all living things in the forests, jungles, mountains and planes have a spirit (yes including plants) they told you about energies, transcendental states and the spirit world. But yet you didn’t hear, instead claimed to have discovered the land and went ahead to slaughter destroy most of everything on it, then started the process of resettling who was left on it, owning and claiming their land for yourself and continued with the capitalising and banking, celebrating it all with a ‘thanksgiving’ as your way of commomerating and giving thanks. Years passed and you come with environmental conservation and activism.

The Sufi said, Sema! Listen! 

The indigenous people of what is known today as Australia, agreed and showed you 'dadirri,' 'deep listening' and told you to sit and listen and 'walkabout' to grow understanding of self  - but you were too busy trying to get rich and own the land to hear, so instead you went on 'pilgrimage' to cleanse your sins, thinking it was about owning and reaching the 'physical' destination and goal at the end.

The Maroons (Those you enslaved and whom freed themselves from captivity) and Rasta said to you: One love! Peace, love and unity, that ital is vital! Herb is a plant! The herbs are for the healing of the nations and that your system is based on Babylon. But you turned round an called them a cult, banned herb (weed, marijuana, ganja) calling it a ‘drug’ prosecuting those found using and dealing it but then started eating vegetarian/pescetarian and legalising weed so you can sell it. 

You see any correlation? Do you not hear the echo throughout the ages? Can you relate? Don’t worry if you still can't or don’t, you’re entitled to your opinion just as I am.

So today 2018 here we’re at VeganISM and here you are telling me about it- a ‘society’ created in 1944 in the uk!? Ok.

Why do people feel the need to Christopher colum-A-buse fruits and vegetables. 

If you have found the benefit of fruits and veg and the impact of capitalism to the environment yesterday great, well done. 

Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, fruitarian, raw food, whole food, no food, clean eating, plant based to name a few. What is this?

Why does this culture carry on with the Christopher Columbus method of always having to be ‘first’. ‘First world’ Colonising mentality, trying to re-brand everything like we own it. Allow it. 

Now we have the younger generation learning well how to play the game of capitalise! Can you blame them, all the games they have learned thus so far have always had winners and losers. They know Monopoly well and the bankers advantage. The aim is to win, capitalise, profit over everything be first! So.. what outcome are you expecting? -

In the 90’s it was jehovas witness’s knocking on the doors leafleting for converts.

Mid and late 90’s heads were getting converted to Islam in jail.

Today the sales pitches and propaganda still continue strong- but now social media has heads turning vegan and searching for salvation, enlightenment, oneness all the while getting a ‘great body’ in yoga. So from church, religion to corporate cults, right into yoga (remember yoga is nothing to do with 'spirituality', ok cool*sigh) all this trying to find self and yet people still out there starving all the while someone’s capitalising as ‘rich get richer and poor get poorer’. 

Just do, become it, be it and embody your thing, be kind and help others through your work you and your work will speak for its self- don’t worry we are all here learning, just remember you nor your people can eat or breathe labels, words and brands. 

In the words of of the great Burning Spear, artist and historian: 'Christopher Columbus is a damn, blasted liar yes he is saying that he's the first one who discovered Jamaica I and I say that, "What about the Arawak Indians..?' - but you probably didn't hear him either...