// Teatro da vida - Theatre of life //

Right now,
I'm laughing because the game is funny to me.
Funny what we do to try to get ahead in life. 

It's like a bad bit of theatre on stage or a washed up soap opera.

How we act and play into made up roles, 
and believe that they actually are the characters we have chosen to play. 
All in order to sell. Be validated, become 'someone'. 
Is this what we really need to do just to make a bit of money and survive out here? Why do we put ourselves through this? 
Do we realise by giving into this and taking the 'path of least resistance' to 'success' because 'that's just the way it is', we make it worse for everyone else? 
As I write this I'm still smiling. 
I can relate to it all and It's a shame because for some there really is very little choice, I feel you- but there is a choice.
If your acting to be someone or something else, playing a role other than you. For whatever reason, 
How do you expect to find love? 
The only love going to be coming your way is going to be for the act you created and projected. The moment you drop the mask, remove the make up, loose your Instagram account, when that love discovers that you are not the act, there is going to be heartbreak. 

So save everybody including yourself the trouble and just be you. 

Keep the Integrity at 💯

I can empathise,
Due to all this time acting and pretending we have been disconnected from ourselves, most of us can't even stand ourselves, constantly blaming, critiquing pointing the finger, so we cannot even begin to relate to ourself. 
I suggest begin by just taking a moment to observe your breath. 
Then slowly start to move with honesty and smile, smile knowing you've stepped into your power.

*Note: Remember you are already someONE and the only getting ahead in life is getting closer to death. 
Every body wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.