// The 'Christopher colum-A-buse' method //

// The 'Christopher colum-A-buse' method //

Africa, Kemet (Egypt) showed you Ma’at how to be, create and live in devine harmony, principles of universal law, to know thy self. But you said ‘I think therefore I am’ and that there is pagan sun worship, so instead you rolled with the 10 commandments over universal law. Africa then said to you Ubuntu! "humanity". "I am because we are", "humanity towards others" "we are one". 

Then you came with the socialism’s, communism’s and later 'new age' philosophies. Hinduism and Buddhism showed you about meditation, karma, reincarnation, non harming of sentient beings ect. 

But you said, don’t need no more weird religions, I got that already- so instead

You come with your mindfulness, vegetarianism and veganism. 

So today 2018 here we’re at VeganISM and here you are telling me about it- a ‘society’ created in 1944 in the uk!? Ok.

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