// Sticks and Stones //


'Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me'

Do not take things so personally.

You are beyond your name, concepts, labels and even your physical body. 

We mostly suffer from emotional pain which is self inflicted by reliving and visiting the trauma again and again until we become attached to it, believing it to be a part of us, by it becoming our story. 

You are not your story. 

Any non physical problem you have with someone

Try to remove the me, then the I and finally the image of yourself from the story. 

Then sit and observe what happens. 

Who are they talking to? What have they done? Why are they doing what they are doing? 

Revisiting the scene this way will liberate you as you will no longer be there. 

There will no longer be nothing to loose. 

Remember things change, nothing is permanent, not even you.

I know why your upset and just can't seem to let it pass. It's because of the principle, but understand these are principles which you live by, that which you believe, not the other. 

Do not project and hold others in the prison of your own mind, free them and yourself. 

Think of yourself - are you the same exactly as you were a couple of years ago?

Have you ever hurt someone? Have you ever lied? Have you ever made a mistake? Were you ever wrong about anything? 

Everyone is doing the best they can with themselves the way they now how right now just like the way you are.

So yes who you feel has betrayed or abandoned you is doing the best they can for themselves from their own subjective perception. 

Let it go. 

You only loose if you believed that you owned and have something to loose in the first place.

You do not own others, things or have the control over what they think, or how they think.

You make the choice, let's get free 

Act now step into your power 

Reclaim your super power.

This super human ability which is your universal birthright.