// RODA - (HO-DA) //

The 'Roda' or the 'Cypher, Cipher' is a type of 'portal' or 'realm' a 'microcosm' of the world we live in, were the Artist is drawn and confronted constantly, provoking him/her to deal with and realise, existence of the timeless 'now' -Baris yazar 

The Roda is like a re-birth a recycling of yourself , a place where you are constantly confronted by different reflections of your self through images of different people . A place where you can feel freedom as you are forced to take responsibility of yourself and your actions having to accept consequences and deal with your own failures and at times uncomfortable situations that force you to see your own limits and also give you the chance to be able to live beyond them , everything exists there and at the same time nothing, its all the same but never identical the Roda is the force of creation, its a world of illusion, fear and doubt, were you invent as you go along until the story starts to tell its self. the Roda is infinite there is no beginning no end, it was here before you will be after you, inside the Roda everything becomes everything everything is relative and related, ultimately you realise you are alone you have nothing but your will and the force of your thoughts , but are one with everything around you , you can become and do everything you can imagine, you can see your self away from yourself as you are a part of everything else, your will can take you there just follow the rhythm, the rhythm is the ultimate source and guide its there when close your eyes and when you open them, when your a sleep and when your awake the sound of the berimbau lives through you,in its voice theres no judgement only truth calling resonating every moment before this one to 'now' taking you from here to there and bringing you from there to here.