'Capoeira at times of necessity is expressed as a form of resistance. 

Capoeira is mental and physical freedom from captivity and enslavement.

Capoeira is both yoga (Union) and Kung fu/Gong fu (skill achieved through hard work). 

Capoeira is an eternal dance. 

Capoeira is the nature and spirit of all.'  

Today I hear and see a lot of people suffering due to some form of depression, excessive anxiety and/or overwhelming stress. When not dealt with, these (what’s seen as) small 'everyday' problems sooner or later can manifest themselves mentally or physically as more serious chronic conditions and illnesses, which the mainstream health service usually ends up treating with drugs, that create dependency and in turn leave their true cause overlooked completely. 

The root to a lot these problems are due to chronic disconnection, isolation and overthinking. A disconnection caused largely by our lifestyle and the way we have been conditioned to perceive the earth we live in. Whether we choose to admit and see it or not, Society at large is sick. Our common behaviour as a collective if diagnosed by a professional today would be deemed insane, psychotic, mentally ill - no other animal on earth goes at such lengths to destroy its self, their own populations and habitat the way we have managed to and continue, with passion and enthusiasm to do so. 

Society is based and organised on illusions and concepts which do not exist in reality and so it keeps reinforcing us to look at the earth through a magnifying lens missing the whole picture, this makes it very easy to corrupt ourstory and any other view that tries to see and present the whole picture is always deemed 'vague', 'unscientific', 'pseudo science', 'artistic', 'esoteric' or 'holistic' by the mainstream, devaluing it's credibility and so society at large ends up misunderstanding the nature of nature and those indigenous 'less developed', 'uncivilised' peoples, plants and animals who live within it the they way they do - and even dare to call this place home and mother. 

This misunderstanding is rooted in ourstory that we have been brought up to believe. That nature is somewhere we left back there in the dark ages, that it and life which lives there has no intelligence, we even go as far as to describe nature as the 'wild' or the 'wilderness' as if it is something outside of us, as it is something there for us to 'tame' and this in reflection is exactly how we treat nature. 

The cause of this outlook, is overwhelming fear and identification with our mind and the illusion we have been sold by society- money, ownership and entitlement. 

Over Identification with our mind creates the belief that we are separate from everything else and society is based on false ownership and entitlement with a belief that you are above everything and are entitled to rule over everything else in existence, this In fact is reflected in the very way we treat ourselves and so the story of our enslavement continues, with those too well adjusted to this way of life unable to see its bars or shackles as they are busy creating them for others or working with and for those who do. But fortunately those on its fringes are slowly starting to feel the symptoms of its affects emotionally and are starting to search for answers and alternative ways of living. 

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens. - Carl Jung

Disconnection from self develops from over identification with our mind and this in turn is reflected and reinforced by society as we must be identified and play a 'role' in it, which ultimately is not who we are but the alter ego we create to play or act the 'role'. The better you play the role, better the reward you receive for it and with this incentive of positive reinforcement stronger the ego gets in its belief that it is 'real' steadily shading over your true self. At times conflicts are caused between the two resulting in unease within ones self, restlessness, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Unfortunately this is all so apparent in an age where humanity is supposedly never been so ‘connected'- However disconnection, division and isolation is constantly growing between peoples, rich and poor, the left and right wings politically and division between self and nature as our minds are being overstimulated. 

A way we can begin to heal is by simple observation. By learning how to look in order to see within ourselves, we can see that we have the choice to view the world with our minds or the earth with our eyes. Using our real eyes and observation can help us to ‘realise’ our selves.

Remember you are a part of nature, you are natural.

We cannot afford any longer to look at the world through political, economic, illusory and toxic made up concepts which are forever being twisted and played with to and throw by those who want the world to believe and treat their concepts and ideas as reality, these illusions are put in place to divide, conquer, rule and exploit. 

Remember the earth does not belong to anyone, we must trust our inner guidance and learn to live with and along side nature in harmony. Nature is mother. Observe her messages. Observe yourself. Just observe. 

As j.krishnamurti put it 'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society'

Peace, health and light to you all.