•••//Once upon a time//•Pt 1•

Once upon a time when. 

Elders were listened to and respected, 

Not because of 'title' but because they were regarded as ancestors- those that knew what was before and brought with them timeless wisdom into 'now'. 

When art reflected the sign of the times, a voice of the people and moveMeant meant something, something more than a clinical self obsession, preoccupation with body image or learning skills/tricks, but represented resistance, non conformity, a voice echoing through the ages, expression, something of a spiritual nature, a path to freedom. Or just simply to get together and pass time, and pass over into a place beyond it.

Where individuals from different tribes made up a community and unified: movement, dance, acrobatics, play, fight, music, song, prayer, meditation, mantra and ritual a whole as one. Where these elements and humans were a whole, sharing and collaborating together at the same timeless sacred space. 

When, music and movement were one vibration, alive, Improvised and played live. 

When language wasn't only confined in the mind but the body, freeing practitioners of the burden from the over stimulated mind. 

When people reasoned together and learned through observation, experience and testimony- practice was play and in play was discovery, creation, reasoning. When common sense was common.

Before meal plans and cheat meals, when herbs were supplements and remedy, a cleanse and fasting were spiritual and a diet was what you ate and what you ate was your medicine, backed by years of ancestors wisdom, passed down generation to generation from those who knew the forest, land and sea and that nature is mother and mother is from which we came and she is sacred. 

When your gym was your workplace and first home was your body where you pushed, pulled, lifted, putdown, loaded, unloaded, kneeled, rested while squatting, carried, sung away your pain and learned to take care of yourself and playfully work to get by because you understood the nature of this illusory worlds reality. 

As much as I am intrigued in learning from the past, Once upon a time is 'now'. Capoeira is living, it is alive Capoeira is still here with us and will be here when we pass.

Those into movement, who want to really understand and develop not just tricks and skills but movement quality should learn to listen, listen to its music, because paradoxically it is not just by looking but the skill of listening which will help you to observe movement quality, with clear observation we can learn and feeling, express and embody.