// Movement: Beyond Steps and Form //

Today in this so called ‘modern world’ we have the opportunity to be brought closer together by technology and social media unlike any other time before. Many of us live in large cities, where in which we are physically in closer proximity with access to each other, however there are more and more people out there isolated- suffering from loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression.

Why? This is largely due to the fact that there is a great difference in being ‘close’ and being ‘connected’. The main difference being that connection is to do with ‘intimacy’ into-Me-I-see, I see... you, this is the state which creates empathy, a deep feeling of wholeness, oneness connectedness, whereas being close is usually about proximity. 

As we isolate in order to define (whether that be our ego identity, body or movement), we become even more isolated to due to lack of connection and context, not only with our selves but each other and our surroundings. 

Problem is due to different forms of colonisation, trauma and loss we are preoccupied by being ‘independent’, but have no idea what it entails (divide and rule). As if we really, think about it our independence actually lies in realising our 'interdependence'. 

Independent doesn’t mean ‘all alone’, and that you are not dependent on anything (even though dependent is the words antonym) it’s quite the opposite (the irony!), It is the understanding that your independence depends on our ability to overstand self and coexist with everything else in harmony, with ‘interdependence’ to each other and to nature. Anytime you doubt this just observe nature, all plants and animals live interdependently. Take away oxygen from us for 30min and let’s see how independent we all are. 

Relating this in to the the field of movement, 

Health, wellbeing, fitness, movement, art, music, exercise etc 

Are not separate things! They’re are all ‘interdependent’ to each other, a part of the whole - or ‘holistic’ this is this is why Capoeira is such a powerful and at the same time beautiful thing, as it is the most cross over art form that exists interdependent with all.