The Metaphysical. 

We are constantly moving. Moving throughduality, states of Connection and disconnection, array and disarray, empathy and apathy. This is a Symbiotic interaction, a body dialogue, a communication between 2 entities in the 'now'. Very simply, this is 'play'. It's all or nothing. 

Information is simultaneously sent and received between one another and continually deciphered through the nervous system.  

As we explore rhythm, space and our intentions whether they be in relation or in opposition, by embracing continuity in movement we learn to 'propose' and 'query' ideas in order to find solutions to questions offered or that may arise on our path. This awareness leaves us open to receive answers. By discovering these new neural pathways we develop the intelligence needed in order to continue to move and evolve effortlessly like a child in play, this is the eternal dance of possibility the metaphysical.  

The most beautiful thing about this experience is that it's shared with another.

I feel this facet of movement physicality is beyond skill and so best described through poetry, music, and dance- check out #poetryinmotionuk. 

I think it was Einstein who said 'dancers are the athletes of God'.