// HELLO! //

Hello!!! Health, Fitness, Movement and  Yoga community! 

Meet the actual community! 

We are here, living somewhere around where you are! 

It makes me wonder, are we just mirroring the gentrification taking place in our urban inner cities by gentrifying the field of health and wellbeing?

Many of the children I work and have been working with over the years cannot afford these ‘products’, ‘goods’ and ‘services’ (classes) being offered and advertised continually all around them. Furthermore many extra curricular movement based activities are not even available for working class kids because if there’s no ‘funding’ there’s no money to be made and no money to pay the teachers and facilitators. 

I keep on hearing and seeing the re-occurring theme from ‘teachers’: there’s no money in teaching those kids over there (in the community) it’s too much work, for too little return- But there is a lot more money over the bridge (Made in Chelsea) Or I’m working teaching these kids but I make no money. 


Are you a teacher, trainer, coach, instructor? or a model posing as one? 

Do you own or work for a brand? 

Most people I know have the qualifications, titles and credentials... 

But fail to serve and offer their service to those most in need, the actual community! 

Maybe it’s because we need more ‘self love’ because we don’t have enough of that already in ourselves but yet we are out their teaching what exactly? 

Or you have a plan! Once you get sponsored from from a big brand or make it on the cover of #menshealthmag or become a #Instagram celebrity or #youtube icon or make it on the teaching schedule of your dream centre whether it be #triyogauk - #thirdspacelondon - #bloklondon - #gymboxofficial, or get that advertising deal and make your money then...Then! Your going to give back to the community! 

Until then, I will be here and we will be awaiting. 👍

If these words I write strike resistance from you, that is your projection, not my intention, so you can ‘scroll on’ anytime to see the next best posture, movement, body, latest fashion, workout or whatever makes you feel happy. This is not criticising you, but rather just raising thought and awareness.

People want to ‘buy’ from people that look and ‘behave’ like them. In my time I have seen that there are great actors in this field.

So I suggest you put your credentials to the test, go and see if you can really pass on a practice or teaching, and see if you can inspire, motivate, capture imaginations helping those from the actual community cultivate a practice.