‘Not everything that shines is gold’

It’s like the gold rush out here.

All that most people care about Is rushing to be the ‘first’ to get there. Using, controlling, abusing and stepping on whoever and whatever they can to ‘get there’, get where...? Im yet to find out, as I still don’t know where 1st is but one things for sure •no gold is rushing... Only fools (gold), as real gold is hard to find out here but regardless many are flying around like magpies trying to grab ahold of and sell anything that sparkles, shines or looks good. 

But... 'not everything that shines is gold’.

Do you really have to loose the real deal, for you to realise that it was real?

Or are you so lost in ‘new age’ philosophies telling you it doesn’t matter, as all that matters is what you think!!?

Let me know what happened to those people that we’re not aware, couldn't see or phathom that they were exposed to radiation, did radiation not affect them even the slightest though they didn’t know of or think about its existance? 

What is this bottomless ‘hole’ that your trying to fill? What is this your running from and where is this that your trying to get to all alone? Can you not see that you have it all, but yet you still feel empty? Hungry but have provision, restless even though you have the privilege to sleep but can’t rest, constantly searching for the next best thing, consuming, everything along your way but yet your still not satisfied, why... because your addicted to fools gold. 

Your constantly searching, because the fools gold your constantly surrounded by and attaining is not nourishing or fulfilling you, it’s like those fruits you by at the supermarket- You want to invest in them because you’ve been told and think that they’re good for you. Those fruits which look good because they’re specially bred, waxed and selected for their looks but inside are just flavourless, no smell, no taste and lack nutrition, compared to the fruit grown and ripened naturally on the tree, but those ones unfortunately take longer time, more care, nurture and effort to raise and in your eyes don’t look as good and are irregular and due to a lack knowledge, this affects your ability to observe fully and so like a pair of strong glasses this blurs your vision and the saddest thing is that’s just the way you want it! You want that thing, that someone, that which ‘looks good’, and even if your shown the real thing you won’t value it. Because your soundings and society has taught you that it doesn’t matter, all that matters is yours and others (your clients/customers) perception and most importantly that you get there first.

Real gold is a treasure, that which you keep in your ‘chest’, your heart. This is why treasure was kept in a 'treasure chest' it is that which you cherish, love and care for selflessly, but your out here trying to ‘buy it’, trying to ‘find it’ but keep on finding nothing but fools gold and mistaking it for the real thing.

After a while of constantly consuming fools gold it will delude you, making you sick, tired, causing disease to grow within you and like all addiction it will begin to rot you from the inside out. 

Remember, Gold was once is valued for its scarcity, rarity and unique properties not because it was popular- think about that the next time you decide to invest in someone or something.

There’s a good proverb I always heard my elders use while I was growing up and everyday in my field of movement it makes more and more sense:  ‘Don’t speak to fools, for they scorn the wisdom of your words’.

This is for all my teachers past and present, those that have helped others, cultivated, harvested, embodied practiced and know what a 'practice' is, this is for those that are on the path to cultivating and embodying a practice, and to those selling fools gold- I see you. I’ve been doing this for along time and I’m still young and still learning so I hope that you can forgive me, but I always knew your worth.

Remember: Your value doesn’t decrease on someone’s inability to see you worth. 

I hope one day you discover the wisdom of this message I write. 

Stop falling for fools gold.