// Discovering What Moves (Little Tree) //

So here I am writing to you all again.

I’ve just returned back to London life, back from another wonderful event in Graz Austria. Thanks to all those people who made this event possible. From its organisation to the students and teachers who attended. Thank you all for your attention, presence and energy. Thank you for those wonderful words of encouragement from all you who follow my work - Its great to know that its provoking thought in the community- Helping you to think and question your practice. Your feedback and support is invaluable to me. So from my heart thank you.

The theme of the event this year was ‘discovering what moves’ us.

In my workshop we inquired into ‘intention’, resistance, fear, trust, empathy, space, our senses, feedback, primal instincts, order, chaos… etc

In a time where there is more access to ‘information’, instructional videos, products to purchase, more ‘teachers’ of movement than ever on the internet I hope that we are all striving to develop each other and our communities, for ‘no man is an island’. I hope this practice can go some way to help understand ‘self’ so we can help ourselves self heal and in turn help heal others.

The point of difference between the ‘product’ of movement arts/crafts (So your ‘boxing yogas’ to your ‘animal flows’, too many others to name and now appearing ‘movement coaches’) from the actual ART(tists) and CRAFT(smen/women) themselves is that long after the ‘product’ has expired and faded away the ART and CRAFT it drew inspiration from will continue to live on. For the Arts and practitioners their messages are the ‘movement’ and what inspires ‘movement’.

So I hope you keep watering the source and observing nature.

I mean just take Capoeira which is the main inspiration of the so called ‘movement culture’. It has survived enslavement (Also kunfu/martial arts, dance, yoga ect - these are arts which have survived the test of time and have many overlapping similarities for good reason).

So if your reading this I hope that you follow your heart continue to invest in yourself and the Art(tist).

Both beginning and end point to this journey in my opinion is in ‘seeing’ and understanding the process and ‘nature of things’.

‘understanding anything is a result of understanding self’- Baris Yazar

So this here short story is an account of what moves me, the reason why I continue to move and what it is to move. I hope it can help you to ‘see’.

Little Tree

Imagine this

You live in tiny village.

All the houses are in a circle and each member of your family/tribe resides individually in their own house which has one glass door looking out to a tree the centre of the village.

Through the glass you all observe that outside there resides a little tree.

You realise that the weather outside is in constant change. So night comes and the tree disappears from your view!

In order to check if the tree is still there you all step through the door and walk up to it touching and feeling it, confirming its existance to one another.

Satisfied with its existence you go back knowing it’s there.

One day you wake up to find the tree has disappeared! You try look outside through the door but the door is completely covered in snow and ice with the tree no where to be seen.

In order to check if the tree is there you open the door take a look then proceed to clean the snow and ice off the outside and come back in to see that the tree is still there!

Time passes and one bright sunny morning the tree seems to have become blurred.

In confusion you open the door step out and take a look. To your surprise the tree seems to be there in all it’s perfect majesty.

You come back in and take another look again - the tree seems to be blurred again.

So you open the door and clean it’s outside only to shut the door and see that the tree is still blurred.

Confused and frustrated as you continue to observe in more detail until you realise that the inside of the glass is impure!

So you clean the inside, you wipe the door clean and in your amazement the tree is back to its absolute radiant majesty!

Time passes and you notice the tree ‘changing’, in order to try to understand you wipe the door clean on the inside and outside but there is no change to what you see.

Days pass and the tree ‘flowers’ you all wonder out to try to understand what this flower is.

You all look, smell, touch, taste and all come to an agreement to call this an ‘apple’.

Now outside your door it is ‘known’ in your village that this is an ‘apple tree’.