"Actions speak louder than words, We must be playful, we must play in order to learn, create and maintain a healthy, inner and outer environment for us to live and thrive in." - Baris Yazar

In the health and fitness Industry, 'health' and the term 'healthy' is usually is dominated and pre occupied by the aesthetic appearance and appeal of the physical body, which for sure has a place and could be seen as part of the parcel but is by far over rated. A we should all know by now being healthy has nothing to do with having a set of ripped abs. We have a interesting tendency in this modern culture to compartmentalise, separate and isolate in order to understand in the hope to understand the whole. Although what usually tends to happen is that we end up focusing so much on the chosen topic of interest and miss the point, as we forget that everything in one way or another is related or connected to each other.

So when we talk about health we must be clear that our mental and physical (and for those who belive spiritual) health are connected.

What sets Capoeira apart from many other forms of exercise, is its ability to not only transform your body, but also your mind! This is largely due to the fact that Capoeira is ‘played’ and just as play takes many forms so does games of Capoeira, this promotes co-operation over competition increasing connection to self environment and to another thus creating a sense of community, for this reason Capoeira benefits both mental, emotional and physical health, connecting and intergratrating on many levels, for this reason Capoeira is beyond just any other exercise program or sport where there are always clear set objectives with winners and losers rather, it is an art and not just any art mind, but the most cross over art-form in the world with the ability to create, recreate and tranced it self infinitely.  Many Capoeira practitioners begin to make more positive life-style changes in support of their health, as their practice deepens and their bodily awareness increases. 

Capoeira is an investment an invaluable tool; a treasure that you can take with you and use anywhere. It will allow you to take charge and reclaim your health by raising your awareness and understanding of your body. Re-connecting your body and mind can also give you a greater sense of self, helping you overcome old habits by giving you the vital energy you need to act.

I am sure that everyone would agree that at some point in our lives we come to realise that our health is the most important thing that we have. It is the foundation of our lives, not only important for us but also for those we love around us. In short, our health is priceless. Yet many of us do not value it enough. We thus fail to look after it, denying ourselves the responsibility of taking care of our greatest gift – our body.

Capoeira movements such as forward and backward bending of the spine aid the body’s metabolism. Twisting helps to massage, cleanse and detoxify your body, as well as increase the mobility of the spine.

Jumping/hopping increases lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Balancing movements induce compression and decompression of joints, releasing synovial fluid and maintaining their strength. The use of one’s own body weight in Capoeira also stimulates osteoblast and osteoclast cell activity, which is proven to aid bone density. Cardio-vascular fitness is improved as movements are performed to a rhythm, thus raising the heart and respiratory rate of the practitioner. Practitioners proprioception, co-ordination and body awareness is increased through playful body dialogues and bodyweight games, locomotive techniques and somatic movements.