For all those interested in MOVEMENT if you have not touched on this art, but have tried its imitations of some sort, or even its isolated elements, I hope one day soon, (sooner than later) that you will, because there is nothing like the real thing, the 'art'.

Capoeira is improvised and 'Played' (yes PLAYED) played like instruments are and like learning to play an instrument, YES you do need some AMAZING prerequisites, but they are not PHYSICAL, yes that's right unlike other movement methods and arts, to learn Capoeira you do not need physical prerequisites but you do need some patience, care and attention which should also further develop through your practice making a better human being.

Just like making live music, at first you learn to play the instrument, then through the practice of playing you start to feel that the instrument actually plays through you. Music is the Alpha and the Omega. It's is in and around all, good Movement cannot exist with out rhythm. 

Our bodies are similar in this way. Over time practicing, they transform universal sounds, at some levels interpreting, thoughts, ideas and concepts into dialogues of movement. At others we transcend beyond- into freedom from the 'known'. 

Capoeira is a relic left to us from the Ancestors. Wisdom of those who freed themselves from mental, physical, and spiritual enslavement. 

It's wisdom is in its practice.

Today, Capoeira is more relevant than ever before, especially for those who reside in the urban inner city. Where many of us have 'things' but silently suffer facing isolation, due to the continual systemised breakdown of our communities. The lack of real connections/relationships due to working unhealthy hours, in high stressed jobs and careers which demand our soul and depression and ill health due to lack of regular movement and some sort of purpose. We need spaces where we can communally, communicate, contribute share ideas and grow. This is what Capoeira can provide you with. 

Capoeira is a pastime, and this is exactly what, partly the ancestors did and what we as capoeiras continue to do, Pass time well, even through the worst times, and not only pass it, but transcend it.