What a gift it is to be able to move.

I am truly grateful.

Grateful to be able occupy my self, manipulate time and space. Create and move my body so freely the way I do. This is truly magical. 

The other day I was training alone in brockwell park where my journey began near 2 decades ago. Those times many of my peers thought that I had gone crazy doing these strange movements and exercises. 

Today the area has turned fitness crazy, people seriously running around doing 'fitness', pull-ups handstands running with weighted bags and yoga - in a park I remember people would not even walk after dark in.

It's crazy thinking how much I have personally transformed. From where I have come, to what I have done all those places I have performed, where I have travelled and all those that I have met along the way to all those that I have touched, taught and inspired to start.

But it's more than just about moving. Aesthetics tricks and skills. 

It's more than that.

It's about rhythm, awareness, connection, interaction, expression, becoming arriving home to who you truly are. It's a process to being a better human. being humane.