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Tekhnē "art, skill, craft in work, the way’; a system or method of making or doing

Logía as a suffix “denoting the ‘study of something’, or ‘branch of knowledge’ of a ‘discipline’” 

from Logos: ‘word’, ‘to speak’ ‘oracle’, ‘communication of divine origin’.

My grandfather was one of the most intelligent and wise men I have known. 

A port worker with no ‘formal’ education, but who could fix and make just about anything with his hands.

He worked as a technician a with love for technology and craft for many years. However due to having no formal qualifications he never could get a promotion to became an engineer even though he did all the work of one

Instead he saw younger and younger newly qualified engineers with no experience taking higher roles even though they had no idea of the job at hand

When the company he was working for all those years closed to relocate he was unable to get work due to having no formal ‘papers’ to validate him and he suffered. 

He was a great man, respected highly and loved in his community. I remember he always used to say to me ‘whatever you become, become a man my son’.

This to me was and is ‘education’. The journey in which you over, inner and understand self in order to transform from a human being to being human. 

If all those titles, qualifications, credentials, information, money and possessions you posses can not help you realise self in order to become a better human then... I don’t know what we are doing out there 

In this ‘copy and paste’ and ‘personally cult’ obsessed culture we are in. His words echo louder than ever to me.

He was the inspiration for why I created The kraftsmen and where a lot of my dedication, persistence, loyalty and integrity derive from.

From his story I think we can all learn, yes thats right! 

Get your university ‘diploma’ literally ‘folded paper’ (’receipt’) pay for it if you must, to be recognised in order to get paid, repay your debt and in turn make a lot of money. But overstand that a real education should be that which prepares us for real life, the journey we take while becoming. Transforming the ‘human being’ to ‘being human’.

Now can you apply this technology to that which you do, your craft? I hope so, for all of our sake !

Dinçer Gürel  Dinçer (Dinç/Strong Er/Man) Gürel (Gür/Talent El/Hand)

Dinçer Gürel

Dinçer (Dinç/Strong Er/Man) Gürel (Gür/Talent El/Hand)