•••// The Individual // •••

The Inner-(divided)-duality. In duel with ‘self’.

You cannot be unique if you are not one.

This here may be very hard for many to understand. You may even find yourself resisting it while reading, or just think it to be a bunch of meaningless nonsense, ‘I am myself’. If you find yourself resisting, It is a sign you need to hear it more than ever. 

This here picture is nothing but a reflection. Of the real. 

Many fall for their own reflections and reflections of others. 

This is largely due to their inability to connect to and recognise ‘self’. So therefore continue to confuse the real with the illusion, and see the ego as their true ‘self’. 

This is our state as individuals. Living a twisted, divided inner duality separated from self. In constant conflict within ourselves and that which surrounds us, which we are consumed in owning, ruling and dominating. We are so scared of letting go. Therefore have to claim, control and own. 

We are divided and confused in duality and in a constant duel with our own egos, characters that society positively reinforces us to create and we then press on to put them into competition against each other. Stuck in a addictive cycle of defining and redefining ourselves then playact life out a role in a show in the theatre or television program.

Are you not tired? Are you not tired of all this? 

I can empathise with you, how hard it is to change, and why would you ever even consider to give up your identity? That identity you worked so hard to create and make others believe in. I get it, I really do it is truly frightening to let it go, but it also is a skin that’s need to be shed in order to grow. 

Many are lost and their health severely affected due to playing and reinforcing this masquerade of false identities and in doing so cause more suffering onto others and the world around them. 

When you zoom out and observe us as a collective species, it is evident that we are suffering from severe mental disorder. 

But the ancients, natives and indigenous peoples already told us all this, they warned us, tried to help us, even gave us tools to help ourselves.

The thing is we’re not going to see it until we ‘see’ it and ‘own’ the copyrights and it becomes the norm in our culture, then we’ll run with it and claim it like it was ours all along only to realise yet again, we missed the point. 

Remember, you’re always right even when your wrong you’re right! 

So what can we do?

Listen attentively, in order to hear. Now and again sit with self. Be honest. Be aware of your inner dialogue. Stop trying to runaway and distract yourself. Ask. Question. Empathise with others. Be kind. 

‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment’- Ralph Waldo Emerson