// Freedom //

A lot of people talk about freedom..Freedom of ‘movement’ but yet still attached to training ‘programs’, ‘sequences’, ‘choreographies’ all in ‘competition’, in ‘fear’, with ‘envy’, to ‘impress’, to gain ‘notoriety’ and ‘validation’ of others ect. 

Everything has its place but...

It sure does remind me of the saying. 

‘Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.’

Everybody wants to look at a perfect view 

But nobody wants to see inside.

Everybody wants to be free, but nobody wants to suffer to claim that right.

Freedom is not given or granted. It is knowing self.

Through responsibility,

our response - ability or ability to respond to the moment accordingly.

You must claim and proclaim your own freedom. Just as no body can move for you- 

It’s you, that must make the move yourself.

So you tell me.

If you want good bread who would you to? 

A baker, no?

If you want well made shoes who would you go to?

A cobbler (shoemaker) no?

If you want well fitted clothes who would you go to?

A tailor, no?

So when you talk about about freedom in movement my advice is to study the arts that have resisted, survived and against all odds freed themselves from enslavement, as wisdom is there for those that are able to see and understand. Study the roots. The principles. 

Do you think you will ‘win’ by getting more Money? More recognition? Celebrity? Notoriety? Respect? More likes? More followers? Do you think you will win by being faster, jumping higher? Spinning more? Kicking higher? Knocking the other out? Lifting heavier? Doing more reps and sets? Doing more tricks? Being more flexible? Being more stronger? Getting a better time? Setting another record? 

What is it that you want? That you are looking for?

Is it not to define your ’self’? Well when you do you’re going to have to then redefine your ‘self’ again. 

I wish you the very best and hope that you are realising on the path to understanding self.