// Principles //


are universal laws,

whether you like, recognise and acknowledge them or not, 

we are ultimately governed by universal principles. Not MORALS or beliefs. 

Morals are beliefs, customs and change from people’s to people’s, different traditions and cultures.

Some people will go with the thought that what we call or regard as morals and laws today derived from religions (their dogmas) and ultimately are down to the individuals or a cultures belief of them. 

This is just part of the story.

Principles are foundations, they are universal laws that govern.

Their existence have nothing to do with your belief of them. Whether you believe in gravity or not will not have an affect on its existence and in return the influence that it has on you, even though before the term gravity came to your knowledge you may have been oblivious to its name, you were still governed by it. Just because you cannot see or name something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! On the other hand you may believe that smoking Marijuana is wrong because its use is illegal, however tomorrow this law can be changed and marijuana can be used legally. So that which was once upon a time morally non acceptable can be become the norm.

Understanding principles is divine, sacred knowledge.

Our inability to recognise these universal principles will have its consequences regardless of our personal beliefs, opinion or perception. 

If we as a collective want to to live in harmony with nature, one must pay attention, recognise and align with these principles. 

But if we just go about thinking theres is no wrong or right and make our own rules in order to get ahead, not based on any fundamental principles then we will be in a state of disharmony within ourselves, with each other and our environment.


People are selling themselves daily. 

Selling themselves short, without truly understanding that business/law/language is what governs our lives here in this manufactured system. As this is what we vote it to be. 

Whether we like it or not. Persons are nothing more than 0 and 1’s selling products or services.

You are considered to be nothing more than mere number on a spread sheet. 

People are willingly accepting to be treated as their ‘person’ giving up their rights as human beings.

We’re living in times where ‘money’ decides what is right and wrong and principles are left behind in order to get ahead. People will do anything to ‘get there first’. 

When you, sell your principles and integrity, to ‘get a head’ understand this: life is NOT a race. 

Number, title or position doesn’t make you better or ahead of any other. 

Even though it may ‘seem’ as you got ahead but in the long run you actually make it worse for everyone else. 

As the next to follow will sacrifice even more than you. To in order to step on you to get a head of you.

Competition is what is needed in order to keep ‘divide and rule’ alive and us conquered in a state of captivity. 

There are no winners here. 

The aim is that you keep playing and competing for a chance to win an ‘experience’ of a life time - a lottery ticket.

Freedom my people is not given or granted. 

It derives from knowledge of self,

Through responsibility,

our response - ability or ability to respond to the moment accordingly.

You must claim and proclaim your own freedom. Just as nobody can move for you- it’s you that must make the move yourself. In turn as you take this step, your actions will cause a ripple, a vibration and touch others, given them a chance to awaken.

When this is achieved we are liberated from the shackles of the ego and can start to step into our power.  

There are alternatives.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Reclaim yourself, it all begins by studying principles.

Remember: All is interdependent.