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‘For a currency to function it requires trust and faith: the trust that everyone will continue to accept it in return for any commodity, which in turn is based on faith that the currency’s exchange value will be maintained.’ - Yanis Varoufakis

Sounds a lot like a religion to me, a cult, the ‘money cult’ but yet we are way too smart educated, secular, pragmatic, non-religious and non-dogmatic people to believe in religion based on faith right!? But then again, what do I know? I’m not certified!

This above that the writer suggests, is the same knowledge that Rasta on Railton rd told us as little kids in the 80’s - and even took it a step further calling it a part of the ‘Babylon system’, or 'Babylonian system'. The worship of false gods, idols and prophets. But back then people disregarded Rasta and his message - labelled Rasta a cult, a bunch of lazy weed smoking, loud music listening, drug users, dealers and conspiracy theorists, with ‘locks’ that looked ‘dread’.

20+ years pass and you have countless high positioned ‘whistle blowers’ calling out the ‘fouls’ and misconducts being played in the game, but yet very few of these ‘criminals’ if any, are actually brought to justice and held accountable for their actions and yet we still let it ride, yet still our enemy is the offspring of the poor working classes those unemployed young people on the road, being a nuisance and committing crimes, oh and those terrorists of course and the guy that just doesn't make your coffee the right way and gets the order wrong every time. Instead of these ‘whistle blowers’ getting a hero’s welcome and praise for coming out into the open and speaking truth- the reverse usually takes place, with the ‘whistleblowers’ being demonised for their courage to speak out sacked from their jobs, blackmailed, threatened, secluded, forced into isolation with no support. So you can see that there is a really high reward for being a 'whistleblower' and yet one by one, year by year they're still coming out. But for us the majority... Its still, so far so good.   

But, Lets get back to the currency.

The rivers ‘current’ flows through the ‘banks’. It is the life force of the city. Used for its fresh water, transportation- its ability to be manipulated into canals, commerce, rituals ect. Which is why all major cities in the ancient world were located on and along them. This is why your cash ‘flows’ and your company floats and today when you are accused of a crime, you go to a ‘court’- an enclosed space where an assembly gathers to play a theatrical game of back and forth watched by spectators- you enter the ‘dock' to testify and be cross-examined, the docks of the ‘port’/ (a passage or pass) located on the rivers ‘bank’. In this court you represent your ‘legal fiction’ what is known as your ‘straw man’ which was created from your birth certificate, the way ships are ‘birthed’ or born and ‘registered’ (Regis-king recorded into existence, to the kings register) at the docks.

The loser of the match has to pay an amount to the bank (or cashier- the type of court in session magistrates or royal ect) for the game played in the court! If no currency is exchanged there is no game on the court! 

Welcome to the laws of commerce/trade, the law of the sea (water), maritime admiralty law which more and more governs our day to day activities.

Fact is you want more than you can eat. 

You want to be ‘bigger’, ‘better’ more successful than the next man.

You want to be first, not last.

You want to be revered, remembered, your name to remain here long after your death. 

At best you want 'to be the 'best' version of yourself' and so you're still competing with your self without wanting to know 'self'!

Now ask yourself why? Don’t settle until you are sure.

I can feel you resisting, questioning the point of this exercise, whats the point? So whats the alternative? Communism? Socialism, huh!? that worked just great didn't it? This is just the way it is, its nature! Its  human nature. Ok... Could all this possibly do with with our culture? The filter we have chosen to see the world with? Our perspective. No? Ok so imagine this, you are standing next to a native south American tribesman of the Guarini, both of you are directly looking at the rainforest, you are looking at the place, but do you think you're seeing the same things? Ofcourse not! where you see 'bush' he/she sees home, where you see 'wild' that needs to be tamed, he/she sees divine order and spirit of the forest, where you are lost he/she sees the way.

Fact is most of us are seriously blinded by language(words), as language acts as a barrier, a bit like a pair of glasses with strong lenses that severly blur our vision, corrupting our ability to have a authentic experience of the object we choose to observe through its lens, which over time if left unnoticed due to a lack of self awareness leaves us visually impaired.

So here we are back to the beginning of this here blog. As I stand next to you to make sure you get your reps in- hear me clear, Just because you don't know the 'name (a word)' of an alternative does that mean it doesn't exist? Just because you cannot see something does that mean its not there, that it doesn't exist? Well what does currency you believe in so much need to function? Trust and faith! You've had trust an faith in this system this far no? Now whats that famous quote you've read on instagram 1000's of times next to some great yoga posture, 'change is the only constant'! So when I, or anyone else talk about these things why do you continually resist the possibly of changing perspective? Why resist the possibility of there being an alternative to this, why resist looking for solutions, why are you resisting in asking these questions? 

So stop resisting change and get back to your training! (further more what are you training for? If you know its not going to make a difference- No. lets not go there, this time.)

Then ask again. Then one more time. 

Repeat this exercise: 3 repetions in one set

Maxing out on your first rep. Ploughing through this will maximise the ‘pump’ and your chances at hypertrophy. Holding that minute handstand. Getting that muscle up and landing that back tuck (you are now officially a mover!) also allowing you to burn fat fast and get that toned and sculpted look you’ve always wanted! Men, those chest shoulders and six pack you’ve wanted and women you will finally get those long slim legs with the 3 inch thigh gap, firm glutes and toned tummy. 

Now ask your gym and yoga centre owners and definitely your teachers, physio's (As their all qualified and insured to insure you) about what they think about this and apply this between your gym and yoga sessions or in between your tricks and handstands for best results and just wait for the profound effects it will start to have on your health, vision and movement.

Now remember, when they ask you where you learned, break the cycle and addiction of being 'first', be honest and let them know the truth.