•••// The Harsh Truth //•••

These are some harsh Truths. 

You may find this hard to digest, controversial fuelled by ‘conspiracy’ or straight up load of nonsense. 

Understand that I have no interest in trying to change your world or what it is that which you believe as you will believe that which you will.

I recognise that I am here sharing an experience with you and all here. 

These below are some of my observations, experiences and testimony, 

And before you ask- Yes but who are you? What’s your expertise and qualification and proof to make these statements credible? Ask yourself: who am I?   

We are currently in captivity, on a battlefield, a state of war- (this is not some past history of ‘enslavement’ that happened some time ago over there or written in a book, but rather the continuum there of right here.) A war being carried out on the Physical, phycological and spiritual planes. These are the domains you are been attacked and abused on daily, the fields of mind, body and spirit. 

In order to ‘realise’ this we must apply Science, logic and intuition together with clear observation, experience and testimony. None of these things are to be bought, attained by qualification, stamped or validated by certification or classified by registry but rather are all available in our reach at will and can be sought by paying careful attention. 

However, most of us are still unaware of any of this. Still just playing the ‘game’. It all just theatre 'hair and make' up, putting the mask on day after day just trying to get ahead, be first, while for some the goal is just to survive and get by. Not knowing what, how, or if there could ever be an alternative or solution. 

You may have thoughts now and again that somethings just don’t add up, make no sense/ are illogical, don’t quite feel right, but never have followed your intuition far enough to realise- or it maybe that you may not want to awake from the dream at all! Stuck comfortable in your ways and slumber, with that which you have and know, addicted to the game and self sabotage. You may even have been running away from yourself for years, occupying yourself with goals, dreams and fantasy’s this world has to offer which never truly have fulfilled you or the hunger inside you. 

I will say it again, the truth is we are born into captivity. Yes you create ‘your’ reality so you can make believe a wonderful life for yourself if you will in this current system, but that is all as far is goes, as it is make believe- Whether you see your captivity or not doesn’t take away its existence. Genocide, slavery, poverty, famine, racism, sexism, illegitimate kings, queens rulers, governments, states and corruption are all still here and thriving - with the rich just getting richer and poor getting poorer all the while people are entertained with 'bread and circuses'.

Question is how do you want to move forward? To dominate and conquer the outer world around you alone, in a race to be there first? To rule? To colonise? To repeat the cycle?

Or realise self in the spiral? To share and dance with others? Get there together for each other and heal this earth? 

Let’s not be deluded. Just because others believe in what you do, doesn’t make what you do right. 

Don’t get caught up in the hype.