***// The Core-Pirates (Movement 'Without' Culture)//***

In truth, I don’t even know why I am writing about this.

I must be getting old, maybe just been too long in the game, or thinking negatively with my mind, ‘projecting’ it all, or just straight up deluded. So please don’t mind me it’s a long one. 

As the yoga/health/fitness market starts over fill and more ‘yogis’ awake from the individualist, capitalist dream and become enlightened, with those handing out the certificates paid up -The appropriation will continue right through (as it already is) spilling over into the ‘movement’ field. 

Movement training and practice has been steadily growing, and becoming a niche trend amongst those who want to free themselves from dogmatic arts, and ‘purist’, ‘traditional’, systems and ‘styles’ of training. So the term ‘movement’ has been cleverly been adopted and used in order to free movement from its prior ‘dogma’. 

However this is no different than stripping rice from its bran, a bleaching of sugar or separating yoga from its spirituality. From acupuncture to dry needling, meditation to mindfulness, pranayama to breathing techniques we are removing whatever ‘nutrition’ from the source there was to start with in order to try create a new product easier to digest, yet another quick fix, ‘to get there faster’ -  In short ‘movement culture’ is actually movement 'without' culture. 

From the outside Initially there would appear to be nothing wrong with all this, as we just want the product at whatever cost, never mind where it came from or how it came about right? This is just what it is what we in the west are known to do so efficiently, copy and paste, rob and steal - plagiarise and pirate. This is that which we have become experts at it seems, appropriation and colonisation. 

I’ve heard it be said that the greatest thing invented by the west is the ‘patent’ office. Sounds quite harsh right? It maybe True story. Sounds just about right.

Let me guess your righteous human instinct are kicking in right about now, talking about something on the lines of, 'but nobody ‘owns’ movement'. 

I’d would agree, and can go even further to say nobody owns the ‘arts’ movements are taken from as these arts by large are public domain, folklore originating from human movement, created by the people for the people. However bare in mind that these ‘arts’ have been carefully taken care of, looked after, embodied by generation upon generations- they carry with them knowledge peoples rituals, stories and wisdom. They (the arts) and those who carefully continue the traditions which you take from also deserve respect and acknowledgement.

Im sure you’ve heard the saying theres nothing ‘new’ under the sun?

So how do you develop the courage to claim ownership, without referencing, a big up, or acknowledgement of the arts or artists that which you appropriate and draw inspiration from to claim monetary gain? Well, with a lack of knowledge, hard dose of ignorance, loss of connection all mixed together with straight up disregard and disrespect. 

So let’s see, If it’s all just a free for all why then do you develop your own brand and then go ahead to own, claim and protect it? 

Come on, show respect, at least learn some roots of what it is your trying to teach. The bare minimum to do is to show respect.

If this is all too much well here’s a truth,

Whatever they may say, you cannot own a tree. A tree is priceless. A tree is sacred. 

Words are spells, that which you make believe and make you believe.

Do not be deluded. Just because others believe in what you do, doesn’t make what you do right. 

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Please lets wake up. Lets, Read. Think. Research. Study in to the roots of that which you do to understand. Use observation. Experience and Testimony. Science, Logic and intuition.

Work to embody.