•••// Corporatizing Spiritual Arts //•••

The way you treat those around you, says a lot about you.

Here’s to those that actually believe that their doing good by corporatizing, in the health and fitness scene.

I get it you want to make money and (maybe) spread ‘a message’, but in the expense of your own health and the health of others? Listen you can believe what you want to but understand are not creating a community for the people, but a private entity, you are segregating and monetising time and information.

Many out here are using people, arts and long living traditions to get rich and make money. In the current trend of hyper individualisation people that have ‘good’ jobs, career, money ect wonder why their depressed. A lot of it is due to loss and lack of real authentic connection to self and others, with a sense of no real meaning or purpose in their lives which is not surprising as individualism dictates that there is nothing more bigger or important than them, the individual alone. Many of your ‘clients’ already work of corporations with their health deteriorating, you are not helping people, only helping yourself and repeating the pattern and before you step into philosophy, ‘bout all you do is help yourself because it makes you feel good to do good, ask your mum the same question to why she bought you up and just take a second to hear her response, ask her if it was all for her? Her own enjoyment? So she could be seen as a good mother. Your health and fitness will be 💯when your mind is. Mental health is key.

Many people out here with undiagnosed mental disorders but have money, or are making money - so all ‘appears’ to be good, business is great 👍 I am making money so I must be right, as I am being validated by so many paying me and running around me like I am somebody.

In my eyes all I see is a sick child that is frightened, traumatised, needs help and attention.

Remember: It’s no sign of health being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. 

Just look at the way you are treating the people around you. Straight disrespect. But don’t worry I will still hug you. Because I know this is what you need. What you didn’t have growing up.

It’s time to rethink.

Let us Rethink.

Ask questions and change the real underlying causes of the symptoms.