•••// Isms and schizms //•••

Be aware of miss interpreted and miss understood new age ideas and philosophies which you choose to adhere to as most of them lead toward ‘solipsism’. Its interesting to see people leaving one religion only to enter right back into another. 

Remember: It’s bigger than you and what you think alone. 

That’s right, you create your reality - key word being ‘your’- but you do not create Reality, if anything we are here trying to make sense of it. You are not here having an experience alone, we are here experiencing collectively and at times yes we maybe collectively be deluded, however there exists beyond us and our beliefs certain objective truths, natural universal laws (natural in that we humans did not create them), that no amount of believing will change.

Research before you fall victim to nonsense, read history, look around you and question to understand the current state of affairs. 

Wise man in my life once told me, for every book you read that confirms an opinion read two that oppose it. 

Your reaction to all this may be, yes but... that’s just the way it is, that was then now it’s different, it’s human nature, it’s how we’ve evolved, everyone else did the same, if it wasn’t (us) It would be someone else, great! Now next step is to step outside your own opinion to research, not (A)nother but others.

I find it funny when people want to market and sell a product, they can be 💯objective no problem with a firm opinion- like what they’re selling is the truth when in fact most don’t even really know what it is that they’re selling, but when it comes to real life their there delving far into philosophies where there’s no right or wrong!? Too much sitting on the fence, what’s the saying? If you don’t stand for something you fall for anything. 

So next time you look at and think companies, corporations, sole trader, freelancer, trademarks, licensing, markets, stocks, shares, brands, branding and the maritime laws that govern, and those who are entitled in the hierarchy- remember where we are and coming from to be where we are at: Colonisation.

Everybody should be aware of the Atlantic slave trade and it’s implications to this current day.

Think about how you may relate to this in the present. 

Research then see how you feel about it going forward, how could you help those around you? How could we help each other? How can we prevent the constant recolonisation? Prevent history repeating it self?

Or na, should we all just adhere, corporatise and see where that gets us. 

As you can see, history shows us that working really, really hard and obviously in a very intellectually smart manner worked for some. 🤔

Maybe one day you too will see that roots of these thoughts and behaviours are due to undiagnosed mental disorders, illnesses, Psychopathy that continue to breed in this society. 

Is that really what is going to take? For everyone to copy and paste the same behaviour and apply it a little more efficiently that the one before in order to rise, gain power and become successful in the eyes of society?