// Openings and Closings //

Thank you for all for your comments regarding my last post about the ‘Hélicoptoro’ movement! The reception and feedback was absolutely amazing! So with that in mind and all your comments noted, here is some of my thoughts on this movement and general musings.

For those of you asking for how to’s and found the movement out of your reach of understanding check out @bambubodies. There I post helpful foundation movements in detail.

I will explain this to you through art, science and spiritual as these are all branches of one whole and movement is beyond psychosomatic. It is mind, body, spirit (metaphysical)!

So Let’s begin from the the big S, snake like curve of the spine, the magical 33 steps of the so called ‘Jacobs ladder’, or vertabrae (in most humans), the Caduceus symbol of mercury, Thoth/Tehuty, and medicine.

Observing the body’s musculoskeletal make up we can see that our bodies are malleable and dispositioned to adapt to our conditions and environment in short we are born to move!

Our bodies ‘integrate tension in motion’ they have structure and purposeful design- through the spines ‘tensegrity’ truss we can we can observe that all in the body is actually interdependent to one another that everything is connected through connective tissue/fascia.

The microcosm of the body reflects the microcosm of the universe. As within, so without. The body is not exempt or separate from the universal law of cause an effect, (call and respond).

We can see by observing the facet joints of the thoracic spine that they allow for rotation and lumbar spine flexion and extension (folding forward and back).

So in this particular movement largely known as ‘hélicoptro’ (helicopter) cousin of the ‘S-dobrado’ (the folded S where the body waves, extends and folds like an S) and ‘volta ao mundo’ (around the world) which is like a front walk over. This is what is exactly happening! So if you think these movements look complicated just remember your body is designed to do them and do them you should. Bear in mind also the root movement to all ‘Florieos’ in Capoeira is Au and it is by large these ‘floreios’ which influenced and inspired many movement subcultures including ‘tricking’, ‘free running’ and ‘movement culture’.

A-U, ‘Au’ when understood and embodied is a sacred movement in our art form of Capoeira. It is not only to do with form, like a gymnastic, ‘cartwheel’ of ‘round off’. For Capoeiras it has poetic and cosmological implications and significance it represents a rebirth, cycle, transformation and time/space/astral travel. There are infinite variants and expressions of this movement, which to the initiated eye may all seem like the same or similar ‘simple’ movement. However it is widely said that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and as Paulo Coelho states in his wonderful and most well known work the Alchemist “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

So keep practicing researching studying and embodying!

Back to the ‘hélicoptero’, here we have the external rotation of the shoulder girdle, rotation of the thoracic and extension of the lumbar spine as the ‘hélices’ (propellers) bring you down.

The movement pattern is quite easily recognisable here but what catches your attention is not only the pattern but the rhythm of the movement and it’s ‘motif’ it’s ‘gesture’ between the first and second movement the dislocation between upper and lower body, the openings and closings...

This is what brought quality to this particular instant.

‘Separating’ and ‘isolating’ maybe useful when trying to understand or analyse movement but it will not guarantee that you will develop an ability to bring the parts to together or to ‘integrate’ them without sterility and within context. Isolating parts does not mean you will be able understand the whole and movement is no different. I mean if that was the case then bodybuilders/fitness models who focus on muscle/movement in isolation would be top movers. There are no short cuts out here, only learning how to truly learn and at its root lies the self, for it is through the self we see, by using the revolving triad of observation, experience and testimony we can eliminate some of our random ness and start to reclaim ourselves.

Remember the real benefits of movement are not in the ‘TRICK’!

Form is secondary to motion! It’s beyond what your eyesight can see we must use our innersight!

This is why from the field of martial arts to dance we talk about ‘experiencing sensations’.

‘Don’t think, feel’ - Bruce Lee

Movement is yet another ‘noun’ just another name - what we should be doing is cultivating a state of being, to move and be moved inside out!

As like all designed structures the body has a purpose it is an instrument a vehicle to help self transcend.