// My HeART //

Two days ago, my dear student Jahan took my wife Markéta and I to watch the screening premier of ‘ourstory’ at the Bfi (british film institute).

I watched in a state of total surrender mesmerised, seeing tears running down the cheeks of my wife Markéta. She was crying joy. There was a silence within me, I remembered this sensation. It took me to childhood to my grandmother embracing me between her arms. All was still, I felt as I already had been here.

The experience was truly profound.

Often I am asked how I managed to meet such a wonderful being like Markéta.

In truth my answer is I met my self first.

I would urge you to do the same.

Remember it’s a ‘relation-ship’, which may develop into a ‘companionship’.

So it’s about how you relate to self to other and how this relation travels through what we’ve agreed to call time. One day a long ago, I remember waking up next to Markéta in a state of heightened awareness. I said in total honesty ‘kéta some days I don’t know who I am’. She turned to me, looked me I my eyes and told me ‘it’s ok’. Later that day I remember thinking most would have thought that I’d lost it. Especially back then.

You will meet who you need to meet in this life when you have met with your true self.

My path started early and was one many may have looked at from the outside (and frankly many still do) as rebellious, at times edgy, non-conformist ect without ever really hearing me and realising what I’m talking about. But all I was trying to do was listen to and follow ‘self’.

Problem is many of us are programmed and conditioned from very young into playing roles just like a actors in a tv program. This is because we get rewarded for these roles we play. So we end up believing the illusion of ourselves we’ve created in order to ‘fit-in’ and make a living.

So... When we do finally meet someone with whom our role feels worthy of us to be with, (we never truly meet mind but the roles false self/ ego our phantom story of ourselves) and the moment finally comes to let our guard down and be ‘ourself’ we get rejected or blamed ‘you’ve changed’...

Before all this meet self. Face your self.

My ‘(he)ART’ has shown me the beauty of life and it’s treachery. Through its dance, movements, rhythms, illusions, contortions and stories, how to make friendships, play, resist, fall, get back up, smile at adversity to be able to face self in solitude and above all, together in communion and community, what it is to be open, available, kind, vulnerable, grateful, giving, forgiving, which in turn gives me the ability to able to share with other. Yes share.

My ‘heART’ opened the door to self.

To many people to name but you know who you are. I deeply thank all those who have been apart of my life. My ancestors, teachers, students, friends, past, present and those who are yet to join me in these chapters currently being written bambubodies.

As we say, ‘Real recognise real’.