// The Fruit (Of Labour) //

I love this art.

Moving inside out. There’s nothing like it. It is powerful. It truly is beyond words. It’s like being connected to a force of nature. 

Though I love writing about it. I do, I can’t help but sometimes think it’s a lost cause trying to describe its depths, as the only true way you can ‘see’ into it is through the revolving lens of observation, experience and testimony. 

By moving I am sharing with you the possibility of understanding through ‘observation’. By writing I can give you a reliable source of testimony, but you must ‘experience’ for yourself to realise, to ‘see’. 

I find it funny, how many turned away from the ‘aesthetics’ of what they were doing traditionally in fitness- Abandoning that glorious road to ‘six packs’ and ‘beach bodies’ and then converted to ‘movement’ and its ‘functionality’ but are now lost in the ‘aesthetics of movement’.

Trust me there is more to it than that which meets your eye!

I can sympathise. As we are on the surface level attracted to beauty (and yes although ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ it does have principles!). First mirroring our superficial notion of beauty we begin to move outside-in, and with disciplined ritual practice we may transcend to move inside-out. Once we realise the difference between the 2 we are embodied and can see further through the subtle layers that exists. This is a process of practice, transformation and transcendence. 

The seed planted in fertile soil and given the right conditions has the possibility to transform into a plant which then may flourish and bear fruit. It is in the fruit were the next generation of seeds reside and when the fruit matures and ripens it may continue the cycle. 

One thing is to eat the fruit alone, another is to share, and take care. This is also important. As all is interdependent to one another. 

Practice is very much like this process. That which we call life. After all if your practice doesn’t relate to your life and others, growth of the practice will cease.

We ‘cultivate’ a practice. Cultivate with care and attention this is what flourishes and blossoms into awareness. In order for us to ‘see’ the nature of things.

Now I will share with you the practice that which you cannot see. Rhythm•Coordination•Proprioception. 

This is that fertile soil that which gives the seed the ‘possibility’ the timeless ‘flow’.

Love to all beings. May you be free of your suffering.