// Authenticity //


I hope you can listen your own voice as you read this.

Strange how the way of the world is. 

How we time and time again fall for reflections like Narcissus and miss the real thing.

Remember, we see that which we choose to see. Usually these are reflections similar to that of ourselves or that which we consider.

Many people fight over authenticity.

This is fools gold. No man/woman can take away or grant your authenticity. This is one simple wisdom I learned coming up as a youngster in the hiphop game. 

Authenticity is yours. 

It's up to you to reclaim it.

Authenticity is when your actions are one with your heart and mind. 

When you are genuine, real.

It is not found in a name, lineage, gained by imitation or following some philosophy. 

Authenticity is you being you unapologetically through and through.

Remember what I do is supposedly not considered fitness, so by that right I am not fit. Or know as much as the professionals.

I find it funny, because they also say that what I supposedly do is not authentic because it is fitness. It's a great feeling not knowing. Probably the greatest freedom is that from the known. 

As my students hear me say again and again. 

Your always right even when your wrong your right. 

So you decide what you choose to think,

But know that moving forward I will carry on authentically being me. I hope that you do too.

Once I remember being asked for qualifications at an establishment that ran a session called bikini or barbie body something along those lines. I guess I was inspired.


Am I the anomaly? 

I hope hope not.

Step into your power. 

Let's move.

It's time to heal. Reform. Reclaim your body. Discover your potential. Move.