// On Diet //

//On Diet//

Working around the health, fitness and wellbeing industry time and time again I am constantly confronted by the age old question.. What is the best diet?

This is like some holy grail for those chasing their dream or ideal body - this already just seems weird writing it. As the body you have is already a miracle!

But you guessed it unfortunately this is not what the average person I meet daily or the industry wants to hear, as here there always has to be a 'miracle' product involved, or the latest saviour gurus way, their transformation story and their ten commandments to follow. They usually want a program or product to buy, sell or subscribe to, or an Instagram account of some sort to follow and like. In the belief that this 'miracle' will be their salvation and way to the dream body they always wanted. 

So lets get to it. what actually is a diet? 

The word diet derives from Greek diaita, originally "way of life, regimen, dwelling, or way of living” related to diaitasthai ”lead one's life," and from Latin diaeta "prescribed way of life,”.

So as the root of the word suggests a diet is really about the way you choose to live and is exactly the reason why most conventional and fad diets do not work (full stop). That is simply because what you decide to eat on these diets does not become your life style or your way of living. If you want to see change, then you must change behaviours. The way you think and the way you move is all linked and all a part of you.

Step one. 

Breathe. Get fresh air and plenty of it. Drink good quality water. Eat ‘real’ food. Begin here and keep it simple.

Nutrients over Calories. Eat food that looks as closest to its natural and original form and cook using these real ingredients. If its in a packet, processed with crazy set of ingredients you don’t know and can’t pronounce its probably best to avoid.

If you manage to keep this up. Over time you will slowly start to gain knowledge about the source of your food, nutritional benefits ect, you will also become more aware of how different foods makes you feel, which will allow you to make more honest choices about what, when and how much if any to eat of it. Understand that this is a process, not a goal or destination to arrive.

Step two.


Find a discipline, an art form or community to get involved with not a exercise class. There is a big difference here. Art forms are great at helping you understand and express yourself they can help you to grow and transform inside out as a human being and have been tried and survived the test of time. Conventional exercise classes are usually quick hits of mindless exercise which will leave you filled with that quick fix of endorphins making you feel great but not allowing you to reflect. It is this reflection that you truly need to transform as it is thing that is going to help you realise yourself your choices, actions, behaviours and then help you to make changes to your habits. 

A diet is ‘a way of life’ the way you live this is what must change, and this is not usually going to be solved by a hiit class, pilates, or legs bums and tums but what’s more important than the class is the teacher, find a good teacher who lives what they do as they will be the best inspiration and guide. Though be patient as in todays climate you might have to search high and far as with the over corporatisation of the health fitness and wellbeing industry good teachers are almost extinct as the market is saturated with fake fads, self confessed nutritionists and gurus where everyone is or claims to be the 'best' so be aware and remember certifications do not mean much in this field so use the word on the grapevine (highly recommended professionals via word of mouth) rather than apps social media.

Step three.

Develop the above as ritual, and live it daily. What you do daily should be connected to nature in some way - weather its what you eat drink breathe or where and/or how you move. Smile often have fun and remember life is a dance of constant changes and ups and downs, unhappiness like greed is a hole that can’t be filled by anything other than the realisation that you and what your going through are part of a whole. Our nature is community so give, be selfless and see how good this makes you feel. Transformation is from the inside out. 

Whatever diet you live make sure to add Love, kindness, patience and some gratitude to it.

Peace joy and health to you all.