// On Teaching //

A great teacher was once a student. 

What made him/her a great teacher was overcoming the mistakes and difficulties they made and came across along the way. 

Although the people around them may treat them as celebrity. Great teachers know that what truly makes them great is that they are still students learning. 

There is no mastery, as there is no ownership. 

This is all illusion.

A good teacher knows he/she is just a guide along the way.

So. If you teach and/or are thinking of becoming a teacher.

Think. Practice. Study and live what you do. As your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect onto this world.

Teach for all. As its from all that which you learn.

Teach the truth you know, the best way you can, with all that which you have and with the upmost integrity.

Teach passionately, with gratitude. Teach peace, teach with love.

Be selfless. Give all you can with no expectation in return as a good teacher is just a stepping stone for his/her students. 

Truly realising and knowing this makes them humble. 

Their love and effort unconditional.

A good teacher knows the way, can show the way and walks they way. 

Many teach for the wrong reasons, teaching only exclusively to a selected few, for popularity, celebrity, money, leadership, growing their name, status, and power all these are selfish ends that will end in disaster and pain for both teacher and student, as they are all illusion. It's just business, politics and this worlds affairs.

Teach because you love.

I feel blessed to have learned from great educators, carers, true masters in their field. To you all I am eternally grateful.