•••// Hair and Makeup //•••

I’m laughing because it’s just all face masks, hair and makeup out here. The health and fitness industry has become the fashion and cosmetics industry. 

Think about it. Bespoke Fitness boutiques. Fitness Pop-ups. Fitness models walking down cat walks. 

Fitness Modelling. 

Just says it all.

Models fronting as fit and healthy. No wonder everyone’s on some sort of drug or have had cosmetic surgery and If not that then some type of eating disorder linked to their mental health. 

It’s sad really but here we are, in a world where appearance commands perception and currency moves everything around us. So in honesty I’m not surprised. I just find it funny. Funny how we allow it to happen. How we let it run. And those that try to say something to appose it are deemed bad, radical, pessimists ect.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Remember: Cosmetics are just that ‘cosmetics’, they’re there to enhance and adorn. Provide the illusion. To be put on and taken off at will. Just like in clothes in fashion, so it makes total sense why they have joined forces to come together. 

It’s all just a theatre, the problem is when you cannot see past the hair and makeup and your stuck in the masquerade, fantasy world created by these industries- fuelled by us, being fooled by them and believing that you are ‘inadequate’ without a face mask, hair, make up and a costume!

The thing is when you try to apply this fashion and cosmetics approach to health and fitness it just doesn’t work! As you cannot just put health and fitness on and take it off. This is just 'aesthetics', sorry ladies and gents, health and fitness just doesn’t work like that.

Let me know the last time you bought a book, trainers or some video material from the latest fitness guru and you gained the photoshopped body you saw in Mens your womens health magazine.

The truth is to do it, YOU have to reclaim yourself.

YOU have to cultivate and embody it.

The fashion and cosmetic industries are where they are because of kings, queens and royalty. 

They are not here 'for the people', so do NOT be fooled. 

Fashion houses have modelled themselves on royal families, their houses and models of dominance for centuries, as these were who they were serving, providing the ‘emperors new clothes’. Serving the ‘appearance’ of royalty to illegitimate kings and queens. Making up their faces to create the superficial appearance of ‘superiority’. 

But you know- yet again, do not be fooled, all this is really from ourstory of native cultures and traditions, taken and turned upside down. 


Or did you think that all this was inspired here!?