Teacher & Performer

Baris has been successfully performing and teaching Capoeira for nearly two decades in London. His outstanding capacity and contribution as a teacher to the community has been recognised through the Lukas award for ‘Best Brazilian Dance Teacher of the year’ in both 2011 and 2012. 

In this time he has developed a fun, challenging and exhilarating Capoeira inspired bodyweight conditioning class called ‘movement rituals’- filled with efficient exercise routines and techniques, designed to aid beginners into the art of Capoeira. 

In addition to teaching Capoeira, Baris has performed at many prestigious venues, including: The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and the opening of the O2 Arena. He has also participated and hosted workshops in many schools, Gyms, yoga centres, events and festivals in London and across Europe.

In the past years Baris has broadened his approach to Capoeira as a holistic art, continuously experimenting and incorporating his own experiences and practices into his teaching giving his work a unique style and character. In addition to this he is a principle dancer for Guarini, a contemporary dance company based part of 'Mojubá Capoeira' formerly known as Cordáo de Ouro London the one of the most established and popular Capoeira schools in London.

"Baris has integrated his formal understanding of the human body into a holistic approach to both his teaching of the physical art of capoeira as well as his massage practice. He is a gifted athlete and teacher who works hard to share his insights and skills with students and clients."

Dr Michelle L Krishnan MBBS BSc Hons

MRC Clinical Research Training Research Fellow in Perinatal Brain Development

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“The body is very personal and every individual is unique. I like to get to know my patients so that I can really understand their problems and cater individual treatments to their needs. I aim to help them not only alleviate their symptoms and recover, but also to prevent future injury by understanding the root cause of the problems.” – Baris Yazar

Baris’ first contact with massage came intuitively through necessity, as he would tend to treat his own small musculoskeletal problems wit massage. The effectiveness of these initial self treatments not only made him realise that he could rehabilitate himself and avoid common training injuries, but also share and apply massage treatments to my fellow premiers and students. 

"Baris is such an Intuitive and investigative healer, So when I'm in treatment I can relax and trust him to tend do my particular problem areas and offer some sort of solution to enhance my performance as a dancer" 

Hannah Anderson-Ricketts dancer/choreographer at Meraki Movement