50Hrs ITC

50hrs Intensive Training Course

This course will enhance your current practice by developing your ‘movement/mindbody intelligence’, this is which in fact will help you to ‘learn how to learn’ and aquire skills quicker by increasing body awareness.

You will gain both fluidity and grace in movement. It will give you the confidence to move freely with ease and to incorporate ‘movement rituals’ protocols into your current practice.

This course is the result of Baris’ extensive experience in teaching coupled with his embodiment, deep self practice, research and study.

Baris currently lectures on Movement at the University of East London: Urban Dance Practice BA(hons) diploma which has been running for 5 years.

What is Movement Rituals?

Movement Rituals is a comprehensive mixed movement pedagogy to help people adopt a daily movement practice.

It can hugely aid and supplement any practice or be used as a stand alone training system. 

Practitioners are challenged both physically and mentally which encourages self discipline and self enquiry. Movement games and puzzles encourage interaction, body dialogue and co-oporation which improve practitioners proprioception, body awareness and co-ordination. This reawakening of the 6th sense or ‘kinaesthesia’ develops the growth of the practitioners ’movement intelligence’ which ultimately makes the practitioner into a more practical, functional, competent and confident mover, quicker to adapt to different circumstances (like picking up different sequencing/practicing in small spaces) and learn more complicated skills (such as- arm balances, handstands, inversions).

These sessions are a great way to learn/fine tune core bodyweight skills (press ups •sit ups•planks•handstands•bridges•) In detail and/or for those that need to boost motivation, improve their life style or simply just to keep fit, lean and healthy. Strong but flexible just like bambu! 


(That we will touch up on and cover)

***please note there will be more practical practice than theory so be prepared to get physical!***

•Introduction to bodyweight training: Becoming Bambu!

Developing mobility: Strength and Flexibility in harmony.

•Introduction to floor work and Locomotion: We will be moving from A To C Patterns, rhythms, cycles and loops.

•Transitions: How to ‘flow’ through, connect and ‘weave’ your movements fluidly and effortlessly

•Creative Sequencing: Developing ‘flows’/small choreographies

•Partner work: Sharing, exploring self and other through playful inquiry and bodyweight games.

•Manual therapy: Myofacial, STR, NMT and various other techniques to release soft tissue and enhance your body awareness.

•Inversions/handstands: We will cover conditioning to overcoming fear and gravity!

•Introduction to (‘floreios’/Soft Capoeira acrobatics)

***The leap of faith:

learning to fall, bail and turn upside down

Macaco, QDR.


EarlyBird price: £850 (closing July 2nd) Regular price: £999

* £250 (non-refundable) Deposit on all accepted applications


The course is for those with prior experience in a discipline or a self practice and interest in movement.

**Course will take place over 5 weekends (5hrs each day Saturday/Sunday) in October/November.

***Theres are limited spaces. All applicants will be screened and nominated based on their experience, desire to learn and the reason for their interest in joining this course! So please fill out the application.


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